Lately I was trying to ingest millions of document into mongo with upsert pattern. The dataset has a structure like below .

{_id : "<custom unique value>", some_other_field : "<string>"}

The mongo (3.6) setup was a sharded cluster with 3 secondaries per shard. But the ingestion seems to be taking longer than expected.

So I did the following test, after googling for few mins:

Problem statement:

Gaming rigs are costly and buying one doesn’t create any value to me as I don’t spend enough time on playing games. But sometimes I would like to have high end gaming experience without having to buy myself the hardware. So I went on internet for looking for cloud services for gaming, but were not available in my region.

Cloud gaming can be solution for this problem, given you have a good internet connection, especially when you are dealing with multi-player online games.


The idea it to stream video from EC2 instance…

Basic overview of important components in chrome browser (

Things you might want to know about chrome extensions :

  • Difference between a Tab process and Extension process
  • Lifecycle of Extension process
  • Components of an Extension
  • Resources available to an Extension
  • Isolation of Context within the components
  • References of execution context within the Extension components
  • Privilege Restrictions
  • Security Issues

1. Overview of Chrom{e,ium} Architecture

Each tab has its own process, which runs independently from the browser

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